What is SLP Transitions​?

You’re more than just a clinician.

SLP Transitions helps you find fulfilling work, with or without going back to school.

You went into SLP to help others, make a decent living, and have some flexibility. But unfortunately, a career that seems rewarding on paper can be burnout central “in the field.”

At SLP Transitions, I interview successful career changers and entrepreneurs who made the leap from SLP to adjacent or seemingly unrelated fields. I share the stories behind their transition, with key takeaways you can apply to your own path. In each interview, I ask how they got started, how they managed their mindset, how they made themselves marketable, and how they enjoy their work today.

The stories are inspiring and also provide specific advice and insight into starting transitioning to a new career. By sharing these stories, I want to help other SLPs get started on the right foot.

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Who runs this site?

My name is James Berges. I’m an SLP with over three years of experience in schools, private practice, and some acute and outpatient. While I enjoy connecting 1-1 with students and clients, the red-tape, never-ending paperwork, and uncontrollable caseloads made me start looking at career paths outside of SLP. I still enjoy seeing private on a part-time basis, but I realized I wanted to own my time and full-time clinical work didn’t allow that. I also realized that I love the feeling of getting into a flow state with creative and entrepreneurial work. So while I don’t have all the answers (always experimenting), I enjoy a flexible freelance marketing career, helping ed-tech entrepreneurs make an impact. Let’s support each other along the journey.

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How do I get my Story featured on SLP Transitions?

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